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Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric

Charlie Marshall and The Body Electric were one of the definitive Melbourne bands of the 1990's. Full of dark passion and intense, soulful energy they featured the songwriting skills of one of Australia’s, finest Charlie Marshall, along with an all-star cast including Jim White and Warren Ellis from the Dirty Three, Brian Hooper of Beasts of Bourbon and Darren Seltmann of The Avalanches.


These other bands went on to global success but The Body Electric remained a hugely admired cult band, primarily in Melbourne.


Previously, Charlie had formed another legendary Melbourne band in the 1980’s, the blues punk powerhouse Harem Scarem. The Body Electric combined this bluesy, soulful, rock rhythmic feel with a songwriting craft inspired by the likes of Brian Wilson, J Mascis and Jimmy Webb, and a vocal style somewhere between Dylan, Iggy and Leonard Cohen.


2016 saw the release of the Body Electric retrospective album ‘Won’t Give Up’, available worldwide through Laneway Music.


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