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In the Australian rock landscape the Zorros were a magic mountain covered in Amanitas and Gold Tops. Dressed in black, coming to gigs like musical asassin's with a tight punk sound and stoner attitude.

The core of the band was the song writing team of guitarist Darren Smith and singer Nic Chancellor, along with bassist Alex Zammit and drummer Dharma. 

The band formed in Brunswick in 1979, writing 500 plus songs and playing hundreds of gigs throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and country Victoria, playing with bands like Rose Tattoo and INXS.


Creatively inspired by the Doors, Beatles, Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Saints and Ramones. The Zorros “Too Young” single on Au-go-go records went to number three on 3RRR’s chart. Nic has completed a reworking of 41 songs to digitally release as three albums / film clips and animations.

Laneway Music is pleased to make these songs available.


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