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Little Murders

Little Murders were formed from the ashes of Melbourne punk band ‘The Fiction’ by singer Rob Griffiths, and were signed to the iconic Au Go Go label. Their sound was catchy, energetic and power 'pop/rock', however after a string of singles and the acclaimed album ‘Stop’ the band broke up in 1985.


In the mid-90s Little Murders were reborn, and since 2009 have released a number of albums under the settled lineup featuring Rob, alongside a string of highly pedigreed bandmates; Rod Hayward (Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes), Tony Robertson (Hitmen & Screaming Tribesmen), Mick Barclay (Weddings, Parties Anything & Paul Kelly) and Danny McDonald (P76).


Little Murders have string of strong rock albums that were released digitally for the first time through Laneway Music in January 2016.


Follow Little Murders on Facebook here and check out Little Murders 'Waiting for the Sun' from the 2014 album 'Go' below.







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