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Lime Spiders

The Lime Spiders are icons of Australian rock music from the 80s and 90s, and during that time forged a solid reputation as one of Australia's finest live bands.

Not only could they cut it live with the best of them, but the Spiders built a wonderful legacy of melodic, energetic, rock tracks that connected with fans worldwide.


From the early days of the 25th Hour EP, to the Cave Comes Alive, Volatile, and the under-rated Beethoven's Fist album, the Spiders created some incredible rock music. In their later years the band released a best of (Nine Miles High), and the powerful 'Live at the Espy' album.

The Lime Spiders had numerous members over the years, however the longest serving members of the band were Mick Blood, Tony Bambach, Ged Corben, Richard Jakimyszyn, Phil Hall, Dave Sparks & Richard Lawson.

The Spiders hold the honour of their music video for Weirdo Libido being the first video ever played on ABC TV's Rage program, and that single spent a number of weeks in the Australian Top 50 charts.


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