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Them Swoops


Them Swoops are a duo from Melbourne, Australia formed by Dave McGann and Chris Goff in early 2012. They began as a studio project and their first recording session resulted in an early version of ‘Work Around It'. A demo of that song was soon added to Triple J rotation with comments from Triple J presenters like “Completely sold on Them Swoops”(Dave Ruby Howe) and “Another Amazing Tune”(Nicole Cheek). 


Shortly after, they were crowned winners of the Triple J Unearthed Fuse Festival competition and were flown to Adelaide to perform what would be only their fifth live show.

"With plenty of the band’s material not yet recorded, it’s refreshing to hear the quality of their new tracks as they play through their set."- The Music

“one of those indie pop gems so perfect that playing it three times in a row is not nearly enough.”– Nylon Mag​

Ekko Music oversees the catalogue of Them Swoops.
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