SideShow Annie


SideShow Annie is as much a gang as a band... a close-knit circus of merry musicians who magically weave together slide, electric guitar and harp with a solid groove.

Sydney venues like The Annandale, The Basement, Eastern Lounge and The Red Rattler have hosted SideShow Annie's live show, as has the famous Espy in Melbourne.

Individually the band members have long histories in the Australian music industry, having played and written with artists like Noiseworks, Mark Lizotte and Matt Finish. They’ve toured with the Beach Boys and supported INXS.

Perhaps it’s their bravado, self-reliance, carefree and reckless defiance of authority and their romantic wandering, adventurous lifestyle that has appealed to a growing legion of fans.


It’s all that and more... driven by the quality and power of their music.