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Rockwell T James

Rockwell T James, AKA Ronnie Peel was, amongst other things a member of the La De Da's (although not at the time of Gonna See My Baby Tonight as the credits state), and Thunderclap Newman.


The one and only album Ronnie released was a brain child of Garth Porter, who enlisted the help of Sherbet, Kevin Borich, Ted Mulry and Cheetah to record the album. Essentially it was a Sherbert record with Daryl Braithwaite singing, although Ronnie did contribute backing vocals throughout the record.


Due to there being a extra track laying around after release a bonus track album was released the following year. Ronnie continued to play in John Paul Young’s All Star band, and still did until his passing in 2020.


Check out Ronnie on Countdown below.




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