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Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd has an impressive and important body of music, from the early days of the Chants R&B, through to the breakthrough work of Spectrum and the Indelible Murtceps, onto Ariel and Mike Rudd & The Heaters.


With his musical partner Bill Putt, Mike has been responsible for creating some incredible music that has been digitally remastered and from August 2015 became available for the first time ever on all streaming platforms around the world, and for sale through iTunes.


Every Mike Rudd album; from every band, and every incarnation, is available for your listening pleasure. Mike is currently working on new material which we will bring you as soon as it is ready.


Click the iTunes link below to go directly to Mike's music, or connect with Mike and keep up to date by clicking on the Facebook link.


And whilst you're here....below you can see the first couple of songs of Mike Rudd live onstage at Melbourne's Caravan Club in June 2016 in front of a sold out room playing his best of album 'Re-Visionary' live feat. the best of Ariel, Spectrum and Indelible Murtceps (the remainder of the show is on Youtube).





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