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John Kennedy

An enthusiastic young music journalist once described Sydney musician John Kennedy as a humble genius. Kennedy is neither a genius nor particularly humble. He is the writer and performer of many fine songs, some of which have found a place in the hearts of music fans of the golden era of Australian independent music.


Kennedy started his music career in Brisbane in the ‘80’s playing his Elvis Costello influenced songs with his band JFK and the Cuban Crisis. The band moved to Sydney and after establishing itself on the indie music scene broke up, leaving Kennedy to pursue a solo career with his band vehicle, John Kennedy’s Love Gone Wrong. 


Despite numerous indie hits, commercial crossover proved to be elusive leading to his decision to leave Australia. Kennedy spent the ‘90’s living and playing music in Berlin, Hong Kong and London before returning to Sydney’s Inner West in 2000. He formed a new band, John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special and continues to perform and produce independent releases in his trademark Urban and Western style.


With the creation of the Sons of Sun series of plays about the music that came out of Sun Studios in Memphis, he has also developed a parallel career in musical theatre.




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