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Draught Dodgers

Straight out of the swamps of St Kilda, Melbourne's new rose, The Draught Dodgers are coming to a venue near you. 

Live, The Draught Dodgers are something to behold, with a night of whirlwind guitars, V8 fuelled beats, electrified hip shakin' fury & a whole lotta boot stompin' action.

The Draught Dodgers are Tim Rogers (You Am I) on guitar, Diamond Jack Davies (Bitter Sweet Kicks) on vocals, alongside rhythm section Evan Richards (Burn in Hell) on drums and Mick Sayers (Crack Whores) on bass.


Sounding like the demented love child of Beefheart, The Cramps, Stooges & Easybeats, The Draught Dodgers are here to sonically entrance & make you wanna dance.


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