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Celibate Rifles

It is hard to know where to start in describing the Celibate Rifles importance to Australian music. Their influence and legacy speaks volumes; and as a live band the Rifles are as impressive as any rock band you could name.


From the early days of 'But Jacques, The Fish?' through the powerful live recordings of 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and 'Yizgarnnoff', to their more recent solo recordings; the Celibate Rifles collectively and solo have an impressive body of work.


Laneway Music has released the Celibate Rifles extensive catalogue digitally for the first time on all worldwide platforms.


You can buy any Rifles release through iTunes or stream through Spotify. 


You can also get Damien Lovelock's solo albums through Itunes, and Kent Steedmans music with Crent, Yage, Modern Gong Ritual, and the Live at Gruta album. 


Check out the Rifles doing the exquisite Johnny below, and hook up with the band on Facebook here.



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