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Cattletruck / Paul Janovskis

The 80's were an incredibly fertile period for Australian music. There was no shortage of venues or crowds, and few better entertainment options than live rock'n'roll.

It has been over 30 years since Cattletruck launched into this maelstrom, as an irreverent semi acoustic punkabilly covers outfit. Starting amidst the vibrant St Kilda scene, the band quickly gained notoriety as the enfant terrible's of inner Melbourne music.

They would play anywhere, anytime, invited or not - crashing parties and other band's gigs! Their first big show was opening for Public Image Limited to a full house at the Pier Hotel, armed only with 2 acoustic guitars and a drummer they'd never played with before! John Lydon didn't mind at all.

The band went electric, earned a following, developed their songwriting, and performed many many shows nationally. A major record deal, mainstream exposure, a series of well-received singles and an album followed, before grinding to a halt in '88.

Now, over 30 years later, singer/guitarist Paul Janovskis revisits his past performing his successful 80's singles with a crack five piece band including original Cattletruck keyboardist, Philip Viggiano.


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