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Buzz & The Pickups


“Buzz holds down a heavy bass groove, he’s locked onto James’s infectious beat, while the pair wait for Jasper’s head nod, the signal that launches them into the outro part of their last song”…….

With only a handful of gigs under their belt, this is the sight that a growing number of punters are already starting to know and love.

Jasper (gtr/vox) & Buzz (bass), started writing songs while still at school together last year and once James completed the lineup on drums, the trio have taken it from garage to stage in only a few short months.

The songs are small journeys, with enough youthful pop sensibility to invite you in and from there, a songwriting ability that belies their years, takes you on an enjoyable ride to the end.

‘Buzz & The Pickups’ debut EP is out now through ‘Black Garage Records’ via ‘Laneway Music’.


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