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Bitter Sweet Kicks

Bitter Sweet Kicks are a band spawned from the gutter in St Kilda, playing garage rock blues with a great dose of punk.


They have been playing Australia’s well known pubs and venues since 2006. The “kicks” energetic live shows are renowned for leaving the stage covered in blood sweat and broken glass after crashing their way through a solid set of chaotic rock n roll mess. Raw splintering riffs, powerful bass lines, swaggering drums (how does Jerry kicks do that?) and one of the truly great front men in Jack Kicks who leaves nothing behind during the show and really does truly bleed for you.


Some have described them as a mixture of proto punk and primitive delta blues. We reckon it’s more like coming home to find your house completely ransacked, totally turned up side down, but with nothing missing - you're just dazed and confused by the onslaught of great rock n roll with a slice of blues. 


You must check them out live next time they play. In a word BOOM. 




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