In 1980, joining his high school Punk band at 16 as bassist, Welshman was the backbone of “the Ultra Deviates” group, following the 'UD's' he formed “Sniper” in 1983, whose sound was heavily influenced by the Clash & Midnight Oil ....setting the tone for ASYLUM, formed in 1985.


Asylum became a trio and played consistently around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, both as headliner and supporting the southern touring bands. In January 1987 Asylum moved to Sydney and signed to Waterfront. Unfortunately the band didn't last, and Welshman moved to Melbourne joining Glenn & Fiona Maynard in “Have A Nice Day”, and signed to Shock, and Mushroom, until 1993 when the band ended.

Welshman toured with a young Killing Heidi for 5-years before recording and releasing sporadic solo material which continues to this day, alongside working on projects with Ash Naylor, Tommy Boyce & the “Magic Touch” KiSS show supergroup - ”Because we can” Welshman says; ”I’m a music fan first & foremost .. .a musician 2nd”


The story continues….