The Temperance Movement - White Bear

I was introduced to The Temperance Movement back in 2013. I was working with Earache Records with a band we (Third Verse) had signed to the label.

After the first listen I was totally blown away with the bands 70’s style upbeat blues rock 'revival'.

Think Free, Bad Company, and the slide guitar work brings back memories of Nazareth. I even hear some Black Crowes in parts.

Perhaps some listeners will get bored with the album given the repetitive nature of their style, however I found that with each listen, my passion for this band intensified and I found myself searching out everything they had released.

Their soulful hard rock blues style captures your imagination and is unapologetic about what they are portraying. There is no amazing musical innovations here or moments of musical genius. It’s simply great rock n roll, and an audio mix that settles in and gives you a feeling that this band are simply getting better and better with each record.

Solid Rock n Roll weathers the test of time and Laneway Music recommends that you have a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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