Jeff Duff catalogue available on iTunes from mid-November

The enigmatic and unpredictable Jeff Duff will have his entire catalogue released on iTunes in mid-November. The extensive catalogue includes the Kush albums, the Jeff Duff Band, the Duffo albums, the Alien Sex Gods - everything Jeff has been involved in will be available.

Also available for the first time ever will be two new Kush 'rarities' albums.

Firstly, a new companion album to the legendary 'Snow White' album called 'Notso Strait' containing the single 'Peter Gunn' and two rare songs recorded prior to Snow White.

The second new album 'Banananana' features the Banana Song, along with 4 Countdown performances, and a couple of rare tracks recorded with Kush.

This is the complete back catalogue, along with 2 new albums, of Jeff Duff's impressive and extensive body of work, and it will be available on iTunes mid-November through Laneway Music.

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