Dimi Darko


From Melbourne, 19-year old Dimi Darko is a producer, composer and DJ.


Darko combines sunset inspired melodies with floor-thumping rhythm sure to get your feet moving and head grooving. 

Shaped by early experiences with electronic music, Dimi Darko always had a knack for creating music, whether it be with his guitar or on his computer from age 13. He has a deep reverence for house music, deriving many influences from Latin, European and African cultures, to create a worldly and relatable balance of elements. 


Dimi Darko’s initial self-released singles have attracted the attention of DJ’s and music enthusiasts worldwide. His upcoming music is always evolving whilst maintaining the Dimi Darko touch.


With his recent signing to Ekko Music, part of the Laneway Music family, in mid 2021, and a bank of new material in the stockpile ready to share with his ever-growing fan base, Dimi Darko is firmly placed as one of this year’s most promising talents to watch.”

In The Australian summer of 2021/22 Dimi's track Buena Vida will be heard as the soundtrack of the Carroten brand marketing (below).