Chris Masuak

Chris “Klondike” Masuak’ is a guitar legend, and we are looking forward to making his catalogue available through Laneway Music in the coming weeks.


Perhaps the best outline of his career can come from The Barman:


"The Canadian-born prodigy achieved teenage notoriety as guitarist for legendary RADIO BIRDMAN and then waged a War Against The Jive with Australia's hardest working rock and roll band, THE HITMEN.


Next came a stint with the original (and defining) line-up of THE NEW CHRISTS, followed by international prominence with the chart busting SCREAMING TRIBESMEN."


Masuak, whilst an exceptional rock guitarist, however has explored his country roots with Chris Boy King & the Kamloops Swing, and the blues with The Juke Savages.


He is also the member of an elite club - being an inductee into the Australian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame through his time with Radio Birdman. 


Masuak has released a new album recorded with his crack Spanish band, The Viveiro Wave Riders. You can buy this album, and all of Chris' work on iTunes.