In early '85, guitarist Marc Welsh (Welshman) and drummer Brad Foster recruited bassist Jason Brietfuss and formed Asylum, a rock band hailing from the Gold Coast.

After a few months rehearsing originals and a handful of favourite covers, the band played their first gig supporting The Johnnys. They worked as often as they could after that, playing parties and Surf Clubs. 

It wasn't until a favourable audition at one of the Coast's established venues that they began to get work locally and in Brisbane supporting acts such as v. Spy v. Spy, Celibate Rifles, The Stems, Painters & Dockers, Happy Hate Me Nots, Huxton Creepers, Olympic Sideburns & X. 

They built a considerable local following on the Coast and played their own shows when possible. Even with this, one or two gigs a month wasn't putting the band in a positive frame of mind. So with the little time they could scrape up at a Brisbane engineering school, they put down an 8 track demo tape, moved to Sydney in 1987, and signed to Waterfront.


Fame and fortune wasn't to be however, and the band broke up in 1989.


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